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NECA eSafetyline

NECA’s eSafetyLine Safety Expert System Software is an effective low cost solution for addressing occupational safety and health. The online software provides electrical contractors with compliance material, training material, online records and reports on demand.

NECA’s eSafetyLine Safety Expert System includes:

  • Model Safety Manual – comprehensive editable company safety manual
  • Library of Compliance – written programs and policies, permits, inspection checklists and more
  • Training Library – targets specific OSHA regulations with safety talks, quizzes and activities
  • Recordkeeping – maintains Injury/Illness (OSHA 300, 300A, 301), Employee Training, and Event (tool issuance, vehicle inspections, etc.) records
  • Monthly News/Features Section – provides monthly tips on a targeted topic and news updates from OSHA
  • Industry Practices Database – searchable database of various model documents.
  • Safety Talk Calendar – four new safety talks each month which correspond with the monthly topic
  • Free Webinars – quarterly webinars addressing key OSHA topics and methods for compliance using eSafetyLine
  • Anytime, Anywhere – using their laptop or PDA, members will have access to this robust online safety program and company/employee records through a secure portal from any jobsite.