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NEIS Seeking Consensus Body Participants

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NECA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop standards using a "canvass" (consensus body) process. The canvass process is used to approve the creation, revision, reaffirmation, or withdrawal an American National Standard (ANS).

ANSI requires that American National Standards, like NEIS, be produced by consensus, which signifies the concurrence of more than a simple majority, but not necessarily unanimity. Consensus requires that all views and objections be considered, and that an effort be made toward their resolution.

For NEIS, consensus is achieved through a balloting process. NECA has at least one public review period for those who would like to participate in the standards development process and weren't able to participate in the Consensus Body balloting process.

View a complete description of the ANSI balloting procedures for NEIS.

Participating in the NEIS Consensus Body

NEIS was created through cooperation from the entire electrical industry, and its success depends on continued involvement from the industry.

Participation in the standards development process is open to all persons who are directly and materially affected by the proposed standard. Voting membership on the consensus body is not contingent upon NECA membership. Here is a list of standard currently seeking Consensus Body participants, please click on the Standard to submit your name for Consensus Body consideration.