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Monday, March 12, 2018


Re: CQD answer published Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - Terminal Ratings and Ampacity2

The Problem with Some of these type of answers they are written in a language the Highs School   electricians Cannot understand. Its usually the planner who has a understanding of the code with an engineering degree and not the regular every day electrician who just does his job the best he knows how to do. Stop the Lawyer Legal Language and re write the code for those who will use it. Bill



Hey Bill thanks for your comment. The NEC wording can be difficult to understand as it is sometimes based on complex technical concepts. It is also intended to be written in a manner that makes it suitable for adoption by governments as stated in 90.4. And it is not intended to be a design manual or instruction manual for untrained persons as stated in 90.1. That doesn't mean it is intentionally written to be confusing, you would probably be surprised by how much effort goes into the process to try and avoid poor wording.

We try to explain our answers as clearly as we can but maybe don't always succeed in doing that, if you have better wording to explain a topic we are addressing, please send that in, readers thoughts are always welcome.

You can help change the NEC by getting involved and submitting Public Inputs and Comments that make the wording clearer, that is also a great way to learn. Many are submitted by individuals that do not have a college degree and there are many NEC Panel Members that started their careers as or still are electricians.

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