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NECA 303-2019 Standard for Installing Closed-Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)

This standard describes installation procedures for new closed-circuit television (CCTV) system equipment installed for video surveillance and for protection of building interiors, building perimeter, and surrounding property.

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NECA 120-2018 Standard for Installing Armored Cable (Type AC) and Type Metal-Clad (MC) Cable

This standard covers the identification, selection and installation of Type AC and Type MC cables, which are used for electrical wiring for residential, commercial and industrial occupancies.

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Find the major provisions of electrical code, enforcement, and contractor/electrician licensing requirements for each state in the U.S.

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Code Question of the Daytextbook

  • Thursday, July 9, 2020
    CQD 7/9/20

    Comment on CQD for Friday May 22, 2020:

    Hi Code Question of the Day,

    Oh yes, the constant battle of installing a receptacle with the ground up or down. Two comments, first working in southern Michigan and working with electricians from Ohio, they always installed them with the ground up and the electricians from Michigan usually installed them with the ground down. Must be something about buckeys!

    Second, I've noticed in medical facilities ( doctor and dentist offices) the ground is installed up. I think that is due to the cord configuration on the equipment that is plugged in. Flat cord caps that would have the cord go up before dropping back down to the floor and straining the cord. Just my two-cents on the question that will never be solved to everyone's satisfaction.

    Gary Lazette

  • Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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