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Monday, June 25, 2018


Re: CQD answer published Wednesday, June 13, 2018 -Locked Door Access

1) Regarding tomorrow's question about first responder access to locked electrical rooms. Most fire companies have a Knox Box program. It is a lock box placed on the exterior of the building that has a special key that the fire department has that will allow access to a set of keys for the building. I would recommend talking to the local fire company to make sure you would order the correct box. Otherwise if necessary fire fighters will use their "universal key" to gain access if absolutely necessary. Regards, Jeff

2) FYI In our area, we installed KNOX boxes at bldg entrances for first responders to have access to keys for the facilities JOHN MCLAUGHLIN

3) This question reminded me of a previous amusing situation.  I worked at a local state university where we gave the local fire department master keys to the buildings.  During a major dormitory fire, the first responders used their own master key a FIREMANS AX, gaining access to all necessary rooms.  Why look for a key when you have an ax in hand? Keep up the good work. Have a good day!! Lowell I. (Laddie) Wolfe Jr.



Hey Guys thanks for your comments. Knox Box one specific manufacturer of lock or secure boxes that can contain the keys or codes to locked doors. You have some good points and there are advantages and possible disadvantages to giving others quick access to buildings and equipment. The NEC does not prohibit nor require them so it is left to others to determine if they will be installed.

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