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ET&D OSHA 10‐hour Continuing Education Course

Effective immediately, there will no longer be a requirement to conduct the full 10‐hour course as a refresher within five (5) years of initial class. Instead, beginning in 2016, the task teams will produce quarterly continuing education training materials, to be delivered in module form, which will total one hour. The delivery of this revised quarterly training will surpass the original 10‐hour refresher time and will result in a total of 20‐hours of training over a five (5) year span.
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Working in the Summer Heat

Heat-related illnesses can be deadly. Thousands become sick every year and many die due to preventable heat-related illnesses. With summer temperatures rising, now is the best time to prepare for working outdoors in excessive heat by following a few simple steps.
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OSHA Announces Final Rule Revising Standards for Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration today announced that it would be issuing a final rule to improve workplace safety and health for workers performing electric power generation, transmission and distribution work.
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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Signs Strategic Agreement with Electrical Transmission and Distribution Line Industry Partners

On December 19, 2013, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) renewed the the Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership, a formal collaboration of industry stakeholders working together to improve safety for workers in the electric line construction industry.
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Industry Partnership Instills Best Practices

Transmission & Distribution World
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Strategic Safety Partners

Incident Prevention (website)
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Standing for Electric Lineworker Safety

The Electrical Transmission and Distribution Strategic Partnership announced today that it is conducting a safety stand down with support from each of the Partnership companies and organizations. The event will be held the week of May 7, 2012 and is designed to put undivided and unified attention on safety.
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Re-signing of Partnership Agreement

On October 16, 2008, there was a resigning of the partnership agreement between OSHA and outside line worker companies and contractor as well as industry associations.
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Train-the-Trainer Classes Begin for New OSHA 10-Hour Line Construction Safety Course

Classes have been scheduled around the U.S. to teach utility and line construction company trainers how to deliver a new 10-hour OSHA safety course for line workers. The new course was developed…
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