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Monday, September 25, 2017


Re: CQD answer published Monday September 18, 2017 -Bathroom Circuit

1. That portion of the code that states that multiple bathrooms receptacles can share a circuit needs to be eliminated. I've been wiring homes for 28 years and have yet to create nuisance tripping condition by wiring a bathroom that way. Shouldn't even be an option. Everyone knows a hair dryer is basically a handheld microwave and should be wired accordingly. How in this day and age has this not been eliminated yet!

Thank You, Jeff Janakes

2. Why would one want to wire more than one bathroom on one 20 amp GFCI circuit if people plug in a small heater or your fart fan has a heater and more than one bathroom has those on it will pop A 20 amp circuit

Al Maline



Hey Jeff and Al thanks for your comments. The way to change or eliminate NEC rules is to submit Public Inputs (PI). The date for submission for the 2020 NEC has passed so unless someone else has submitted a PI the rule will unlikely be changed. Consider submitting one for the 2023 NEC when that is open and maybe even include wording about teenagers!

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