Volume 13, Issue Number 4 September 1, 2009

There's Still Time to Make Your Plans for NECA 2009 Seattle!

/ NECA 2009 Seattle, Sept. 12-15, is the industry's premier annual event, with electrical contractors, estimators and project managers from around the country, all converging in one location.

CCL readers will be especially interested in the pre-convention workshops, including Sneak Peak at the 2011 Proposed NEC Code Changes, presented by Mike Johnston, NECA Executive Director, Standards and Safety. The half-day seminar on Friday, Sept. 11, will cover both the 2008 NEC and highlight some of the more than 5,000 proposed changes for the 2011 NEC.

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We Want You! NEIS Call for Public Review

NECA is in the process of creating and revising several NEIS (ANSI approved standards), and would like you to participate in this process!

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ETD Partnership - Who, What, Why - Action

/ Monday, September 14,2009

9:00 am - 9:50 am

Get an overview of the Electric Transmission and Distribution (ETD) Partnership and its objectives. Information will be presented by active task team participants and will include injury and death statistical data collection and analysis, training programs, best practices and communications efforts to the line industry.

Presenters: Michael Johnston, Executive Director, Standards and Safety and Panel

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Safety Roundtable at NECA 2009 Seattle

NECA will be hosting a Safety Roundtable at the Convention, sponsored by Westex Inc. . The Roundtable will be an open forum of discussion where participants will have an opportunity to get an update on NECA's safety policy, involvement, OSHA regulation/payment for PPE and an outlook on 2010. The Safety Roundtable will take place Tuesday, September 15 from 2:30-4:30PM in room 613.

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