Volume 17, Issue Number 3 September 18, 2013

Get Safety Smart: Attend the Safety Forum at the NECA 2013 Convention in Washington DC

Second Annual Safety Forum

Saturday, Oct. 12 - Sunday, Oct. 13

The NECA Safety Forum will focus on informing, educating and training participants on current safety and health changes, demands and best practices being adopted and implemented in the electrical industry by covering the following relevant industry topics:

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NECA Reaffirms Two Popular Standards

Two popular National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS), NECA 100-2013, Symbols for Electrical Construction Drawings and NECA 101-2013, Standard for Installing Steel Conduits (Rigid, IMC, EMT), have been newly reaffirmed by ANSI and are now available from NECA.

NECA 100-2013, Symbols for Electrical Construction Drawings, describes graphic symbols used to represent electrical wiring and equipment on construction drawings. In this publication, the term "electrical" is used to include electrical, electronic, and communications systems covered by the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70). This publication also summarizes recommended drawing practices for electrical construction drawings. <>

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Remembering Stanley D. Kahn (1931-2013)

Stanley D. Kahn passed away on September 8, 2013, in Aptos, Calif. Kahn was active in many professional, community and philanthropic activities, president of the New York Electrical Contractors Association from 1977 to 1979 and mayor of Lawrence, NY from 1981 through 1988. He remained active on electrical code committees through the end of his life.

Michael J. Johnston, NECA's Executive Director of Standards and Safety and Chairman of the NEC Correlating Committee, remembered Kahn's life: "Stan was a great man and accomplished a lot in his life. One of his greatest characteristics was his unselfish approach to the trade he loved. Stan freely shared his knowledge and experience while helping others.I'll always be appreciative of his advice to me. He was a consummate gentleman. He will be missed, but never forgotten"

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NECA Presents Free 2014 NECĀ® Changes Webinar, Sept. 30 and Oct. 2

NECA is an active participant in the NEC development process with representation on each of the 19 National Electrical Code (NEC) technical committees. The 90-minutes "2014 NEC Changes" webinar is an extensive overview of significant changes to the National Electrical Code for the 2014 cycle. Learn what is new and revised, and how these changes may impact your business. Stay ahead of the game by catching a glimpse of some interesting and important NEC revisions in the next edition. Select the day and time that fits your schedule!

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101 Reasons to Thank Charlie Trout at the NECA Show

Charles M. Trout has, for many years, distinguished himself as the source of National Electrical Code knowledge for thousands within our industry. Charlie is now concluding his service on NECA's Codes and Standards Committee and his involvement in the NEC code-making process. Charlie had reached thousands of participants in the electrical industry as the author of NECA's popular Code Question of the Day.

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NJATC Significant Changes to the NEC 2014 Edition Now Available

As the most comprehensive code change book on the market, Significant Changes to the NEC 2014 Edition is an invaluable resource for electricians, electrical contractors, electrical inspectors, and electrical engineers, focusing on the most important changes that occurred between the 2011 and 2014 NEC.

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We Want You! NEIS Call for Public Review

NECA is in the process of creating and revising several NEIS (ANSI-approved standards), and we would like you to participate in this process!

NEIS are the only ANSI-approved performance and workmanship industry standards for electrical construction. NEIS are used by construction owners, specifiers and contractors to clearly illustrate the performance and workmanship standards essential for different types of electrical construction. NEIS are also referenced throughout the National Electrical Code (NEC®). Visit to learn more.

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Electrical Code Coalition Launches Website

The Electrical Code Coalition (ECC) launched in June has a new website, The Coalition is committed to facilitating direct and full adoption, application and uniform enforcement of the latest edition of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) and NFPA 70®. Free read-only versions of the NEC and other National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards can be accessed through the site. An interactive map tracks NEC adoption in all 50 states.

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Date, Location Announced for 2014 NECA Safety Professionals Conference

SAVE THE DATE: May 19-21, 2014

Location: Hilton Rosemont/Chicago O'Hare, Chicago

About NSPC: Participants will gain valuable information related safety management, risk mitigation and regulatory activity impacting the electrical construction industry. The NECA Safety Professionals Conference is also a great opportunity to network with your peers, share best practices, and hear directly from the leaders developing and enforcing U.S safety practice.

For more information, contact Michael Johnston: 301-215-4521,; Diana Brioso: 301-215-4549,; or visit:

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NECA Code Question of the Quarter

Question: Section 250.52(3), Concrete-Encased Electrode, requires at least 2" of concrete to encase the electrode but what it doesn't say is how the electrode is to be supported. Can the electrode be supported on metal chairs or be supported by rebar stakes drove into the ground all of which would be in contact with the earth and possibly defeating the purpose of the encased electrode?

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