Volume 14, Issue Number 1 February 17, 2010

OSHA Rule-Making

NECA is actively engaged in the rule-making process by commenting and assisting OSHA public hearing on standard development. NECA continues to ensure that sound and practical safety solutions for workplace safety are being considered at the standard development phase. Areas of recent NECA involvement include proposed rules for confined spaces, cranes and derricks, and PPE clarifications.

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Code Question of the Quarter

It seems that several questions about equipment (specifically panelboards) that is marked “suitable for use as service equipment” have recently been submitted to the NECA Code Question of the Day. The questions range from what the difference is between equipment that is suitable for use as service equipment and equipment that is not suitable for this use.

This edition of Code Question of the Quarter provides some detailed information about when equipment has to be suitable for use as service equipment, and the specific electrical characteristics are part of electrical equipment that includes this rating. Another regular question is how far can service-entrance conductors be run in a building or structure? Is there a length limitation in the NEC? Let’s get started and provide the necessary information for each of these questions.

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New Safety Product: The Electrical Contractor Safety Program

/ A new NECA safety product, The Electrical Contractor Safety Program, will be available in mid-February. The program is designed to assist electrical contractors in effectively integrating safety into their organization. The product includes a comprehensive manual and CD that allows for electrical contractors to easily customize the programs content.

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2008 NEC Code Adoption

Since the 2008 NEC was published, it has been adopted by approximately 30 states. Approximately 10 states are currently enforcing the 2005 NEC, and 10 states have their own electrical code and enforcement the NEC by local jurisdiction. For more information on NEC adoption in your area, check out the online NEC adoption map.

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Call for Consensus Body for the National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS)

Are you knowledgeable in the National Electrical Code and other industry standards? Would you like to participate in the development of NECA’s NEIS?

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Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA 70E)

The Report on Proposals meeting for NFPA 70E was held for February 8-12 in Memphis. John Luke, ESCO Electric, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is NECA's primary representative. Jerry Rivera is the NECA alternate on this committee. NFPA reported that they received approximately 600 proposals, including several from NECA.

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Standards and Safety Report

NECA Standards and Safety has been active in multiple areas including work on the 2011 NEC development process, development and managing the National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS) and producing new NECA Safety products for members. NECA is happy to provide a PowerPoint report presentation that provides some of the current activity in Standards and Safety. To download click on the link here

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