Volume 13, Issue Number 3 July 2, 2009

NEC Committee Service Recognition

TomanToman (left) Johnston (right)Michael D. Toman was recognized for 15 years of service to the National Electrical Code development process. Toman served on CMP-2 from the 1996 cycle through the 2008 cycle and on the Technical Correlating Committee from the 1999 cycle through the 2008 cycle. NEC CMP-2 is responsible for the rules in Article 210, 215, and 220, Annex D, and Chapter 9, examples 1-6. Service on codes and standards technical committees requires a great deal of research to provide effective representation by NECA in this important process. Michael Johnston, NECA's Executive Director of Standards and Safety, presented Toman with a plaque and acknowledgement of his dedication at the Washington DC NECA Chapter May 13 meeting. Toman was also recognized for his service on the NECA Codes and Standards Committee.

Troy L. Beall was recognized for seven years of service to the National Electrical Code development process. Beall served on CMP-14 in the 2005 through 2008 NEC cycles. CMP-14 is responsible for the rules for electrical equipment and wiring installed in hazardous (classified) locations as covered in Articles 500 through 516. Beall was recognized at the NECA Southern Region Meeting held in Colorado Springs, June 19-22. Beall was recognized for his dedication and commitment to the NEC and his service to the NECA Codes and Standards Committee.

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Free Webinar: Understanding NFPA 70E 2009 - Safety Programs

NECA and Stark Safety Consultants have partnered up to bring you a one-hour webinar on Understanding NFPA 70E-2009 that will outline the key components of a functional Electrical Safety Program. The webinar will be held on July 14 from 2-3pm (EST). The webinar will cover:

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Safety Excellence: A Success Story from Southern Contracting

CPRCPR training at Southern Contracting's Safety Stand DownEach year NECA's Safety Excellence Award winners are carefully chosen from our industry's top safety performers. To be considered for this award, a company must first submit an Injury, Illness and Fatality Survey. Data from the survey is used to evaluate the company's safety performance. Companies that meet certain category criterion are then evaluated for NECA';s Safety Excellence Award.

Jerry Rivera, NECA Director of Safety, recently spent time visiting award recipients to learn what sets this year's Safety Excellence winners apart. Rivera traveled to Southern California and participated in Southern Contracting's Safety Stand Down. Southern Contracting recently received both a 2008 Safety Excellence Award and Zero Injury Award from NECA.

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NECA Safety and Standards Expert Offers Keynote Speech at South Korean Electrical Industry Symposium

Michael Johnston Covers Business, Safety Practices

When it comes to international construction, many electrical contractors focus first on the differences - different codes and standards, different labor practices, even different voltages. Mike Johnston, NECA's executive director, standards and safety, recently had an opportunity to focus on the similarities U.S. electrical contractors share with their colleagues in South Korea.

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Electrical Fires in Homes

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that electrical fires damage more than 24,000 homes, kill 320 people, and injure over 830 annually. The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that 50 people die each year from accidental electrocutions involving residential electrical wiring and equipment.

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Inspector Relations

Michael Johnston, NECA's Executive Director, Standards and Safety, attended the Ben Franklin Chapter IAEI trade show and conference in Philadelphia on May 19. Johnston was the keynote speaker for the meeting and presented a NEC-based training program on electrical grounding and bonding. He provided information about NECA’s involvement in the 2011 NEC development process and reviewed some interesting changes proposed the coming edition of the Code.

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Code Question of the Quarter

QUESTION: I have an 800-ampere feeder that is tapped with three 200-ampere feeders to supply (3) 200-ampere main-lug only (MLO) panelboards. The raceways for these feeders are all PVC conduit and a metallic wireway where the taps are made. My question is about sizing requirements for equipment grounding conductors for the 800-ampere feeder, and for the 200-ampere panelboards. The electrical inspector says I have to use Table 250.66 for sizing the equipment grounding conductors run with the tap conductors feeding each 200-ampere panelboard. Is this correct?


ANSWER: Thanks for the question. The short answer is no, this is not the correct method for sizing equipment grounding conductors for the feeder installation you describe.

First let's size the equipment grounding conductor for the 800-ampere feeder. Section 250.122(A) covers the sizing requirements for equipment grounding conductors. Wire-type equipment grounding conductors shall not be smaller than the sizes provided in Table 250.122 and not larger than the circuit conductors. Those sizes are the minimum, so we'll answer the question on that basis.

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NECA Participates in NJATC 70E Training Programs

Michael Johnston attended and participated in the NJATC NFPA 70E training programs in St. Louis, May 5-7, and in Philadelphia, June 2-4. Johnston contributed some important electrical contractor perspectives during this training program and discussed the important role of electrical contractor safety programs. NECA provides valuable safety guidelines on subjects such as Personal Protective Equipment selection and compliance with Lockout/Tagout rules.

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NECA Participates at Chicago NFPA Annual Conference

Michael Johnston, NECA Executive Director of Standards and Safety, participated in the NFPA Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago, June 7-11. Johnston attended the NFPA Electrical Section Forum and presented a technical presentation for the Electrical Section and covered the NECA Code Panel Chairman’s report on proposed changes for the 2011 NEC.

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Don't Miss the NECA 2009 Seattle Convention & Trade Show

2009The 2009 NECA Convention and Trade Show (Sept.12-15) features opportunities to discover new products and services, learn about best practices, network with your peers, boost your company's productivity, explore new markets, and enjoy the best of Seattle.

To register for the show, click here.

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In Tough Economy, Cutting Safety Costs More Than You Might Think

Cutting company expenses is wise when the economy takes a turn for the worse, like what our industry is currently experiencing. Unfortunately, many contractors slash their safety budgets during tough times - and that's a decision that could have expensive consequences.

In an article from the December 2008 newsletter of American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), Laura Comstock, president-elect of the ASSE South Carolina Chapter, wrote, In order to remain viable long-term, a company must maintain a solid safety program and strong safety performance even through difficult times. The most successful companies in the long term also have the strongest safety performance.

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2008 National Electrical Code (NEC) Adoption

Since the 2008 NEC was published, it has been adopted by approximately 22 states. Approximately 18 states are currently enforcing the 2005 NEC, and 10 states have their own electrical code and enforcement the NEC by local jurisdiction. For more information on NEC adoption in your area, check out the online NEC adoption map.

Indiana Code Update

Indiana elects not to adopt the latest NEC edition which would provide additional protection for homeowners. The cost of safety and protection of property is occasionally overshadowed by special interests that are not necessarily safety driven or in the best interest of the public.

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NEIS True Stories

National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS) were established with the intent of creating a set of quality and performance standards for electrical installations. The NEC often refers to "neat and workmanlike" installations without clearly defining what that means.The NEIS bridge this gap, and over the years they have begun to take a larger role in the day to day activities of electrical engineers, specifiers, and electricians.

NECA has noticed an increasing number of success stories that we would like to share with you as a new segment in the Contractor's Code Letter, NEIS True Stories.

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Safety Training Law Passes in Nevada

Nevada's new safety training bill (Assembly Bill 148), signed into law by Gov. Jim Gibbons on June 24, requires all construction workers and supervisors attend safety and health training within 15 days of being hired. The safety course must be authorized by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Employees who fail to produce proof that they have completed the required training within 15 days of being hired must be suspended or terminated by their employer.

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Missed A Webinar?

Have you missed any of the Standards and Safety webinars hosted by NECA? Do you wish you could view them? Look no further than right here, on the NECA website, under On the Job/Safety. You can view each webinar for free. Watch for announcements about future webinars in NECA This Week, theCode Question of the Day, and the NECA website under the News headline.

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Milwaukee Tools

/Milwaukee Tools are a common choice for electrical contractors. Milwaukee is a Premier Partner for NECA. Check out the full line of Milwaukee Tools at the NECA show and visit their Website for the latest products and developments.

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