Volume 14, Issue Number 2 May 23, 2010

May is Electrical Safety Month

Although electrical safety is an everyday concern for every Electrical Contractor, NECA joins ESFi in celebrating May as Electrical Safety Month. Electrical Safety Month is a great time for contractors to perform an annual review of company's electrical safety program.

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Updated Power Distribution National Electrical Installation Standards Now Available

/National Electrical Installation Standards® (NEIS) are developed and published by NECA under consensus procedures accredited by the American National Standards Institute, making them the official U.S. standards on their respective subject matter. After publication, they are revised as necessary to keep up-to-date with the latest provisions and requirements in the National Electrical Code. We have just updated the following NEIS, which you can download or order through the online NECA Store:

1 NECA 407-2009, Standard for Installing and Maintaining Panelboards (ANSI)
2 NECA 408-2009, Standard for Installing and Maintaining Busways (ANSI)
3 NECA 409-2009, Standard for Installing and Maintaining Dry-Type Transformers (ANSI)

You can download these standards or order them in book format. The regular cost is $40 each, but NECA members qualify for a 50 percent discount. Quantity discounts are also available. These revised standards and additional NEIS can be purchased online. (Click here to see a listing of all NEIS in the online NECA Store) or by contacting NECA's Order Desk by phone (301-215-4504), fax (301-215-4500) or e-mail (

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New Resource Enables Contractors to Develop and Manage OSHA-Proof Safety Programs

/NECA's Electrical Contractors Safety Program can give your company the useful tools needed for taking safety to the highest level. The Electrical Contractors Safety Program combines traditional safety and health management techniques with the electrical industries specific best practices for safety. Protecting your workforce is not only the right thing to do but the profitable thing to do. NECA's Electrical Contractors Safety Program Manual can take you there!

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Call for Consensus Body for the National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS)

Are you knowledgeable in the National Electrical Code and other industry standards? Would you like to participate in the development of NECA's NEIS?

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New Online Course On Electrical Grounding & Bonding Essentials Ready When You Are

/Addressed extensively in the National Electrical Code, "grounding and bonding are basic components of making electrical systems safe by connecting systems and equipment to ground (earth) and establishing an effective fault current path to facilitate overcurrent device operation," explains Michael Johnston, NECA's executive director for Standards and Safety and chairman of NEC Code-Making Panel 5. Johnston helped develop an in-depth course on Electrical Grounding & Bonding for NECA's Management Education Institute. This program is now available for you and your crew to take online, at your convenience.

The online course demonstrates the application of NEC grounding and bonding rules in functional situations that electrical workers, contractors and inspectors are likely to encounter in their routine work. It includes nine modules and awards 0.8 continuing education units upon completion. The regular registration fee is $85 but, as usual, NECA contractors are eligible for a discount.

Grounding and bonding are essential for safe electrical systems but they require precision in the application of related NEC requirements. That's why this online program is recommended for electrical professionals at all levels. Check it out!

Learn what NECA's new online grounding and bonding course offers you and your employees.

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Code Question of the Quarter

/Question:Can transformer secondary conductors be protected by the overcurrent device on the primary side?

Given: A 45 KVA transformer, single-phase, 2-wire, 480-volt primary with a single phase, 2-wire, 240- volt secondary supplies a single unit of industrial equipment that has a nameplate rating 240-volts, single-phase, and 80 amperes. The nameplate also includes a minimum circuit ampacity requirement of 185 and a maximum overcurrent protective device (MOPD) rating of 200 amperes.
Transformer primary amperes: 93.5
Transformer secondary amperes: 187.5

The primary conductors installed to supply the transformer are sized at 3 AWG copper THWN.

The conductors on the secondary side of the transformer and supplying the equipment are sized at 3/0 AWG copper THWN.

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NEC Adoption and State Regulations

Since the 2008 NEC was published, it has been adopted by approximately 32 states. Approximately eight states are currently enforcing the 2005 NEC, and 10 states have their own electrical code and enforcement the NEC by local jurisdiction. For more information on NEC adoption in your area, check out the online NEC adoption map.

To see the different regulations of the States, please click here.

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Grounding and Bonding – Changes in the 2011 NEC

Date: Friday, June 18, 2010 at 11:00 am EST

Length: 45 minutes of presentation, 15 minutes of Q and A

Description: This webinar provides participants with an overview of significant changes to electrical grounding and bonding requirements accepted in the 2011 NEC.

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