Volume 13, Issue Number 5 October 1, 2009

New Jersey Subcontractors Association: Construction Person of the Year

This year, New Jersey Subcontractors Association (NJSA) will honor those whose contributions have bettered the construction industry by achieving higher levels of professionalism. The NJSA has chosen Harry Sassaman, of Forest Electric Corp, member of NECA's Codes and Standards Committee, and NECA’s Principal on NEC CMP-1, as “Construction Person of the Year.” Congratulations Harry!

The NJSA is a nonprofit trade association comprised of subcontractors, suppliers and service providers. Founded in 1966, NJSA serves and provides information, education, and advocacy on business issues such as retainage reform, prompt payment, lien rights and bidding practices for more than 150 members.

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We Want You! NEIS Call for Public Review

NECA is in the process of revising several NEIS (ANSI approved standards), and would like you to participate in this process!

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Smart Grid Task Group Chaired by NECA Executive Director Michael Johnston

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) has been asked to chair a “smart grid task group” made up of key stakeholders from the electrical construction industry responsible for building and standardizing a more efficient national electric grid. Michael Johnston, NECA’s executive director, standards and safety, will serve as the task group chair.

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Code Question of the Quarter

This is a grounding question with multiple parts.

Given: A service is installed using (6) 100-ampere disconnecting means in separate enclosures in accordance with the provisions on 230.71(A) and 230.40 Exception No. 2. The service is an underground arrangement with (2) parallel 300 kcmil copper conductors (for each ungrounded phase conductor and the grounded conductor) supplying an auxiliary gutter to which the service disconnecting means are connected. The size of the service-entrance conductor from the auxiliary gutter to each 100-ampere service disconnect is 1/0 copper. The grounding electrode for the building is structural steel in accordance with 250.25(A)(2). I have three questions:

Figure 1 /
Figure 2 /
Figure 3 /

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Governors Adopt New Policy Promoting Zero Energy Work Environments

While NECA and its member contractors have long supported safe construction practices and programs, our association has never adopted a formal policy statement on safety - until now. At their meeting on Saturday, NECA chapter governors adopted "Standing Policy 19: Safety Programs and Safe Workers" which breaks new ground by urging all NECA members to strive for "zero energy work environments," where electrical work is done on de-energized systems as often as possible.

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2008 National Electrical Code (NEC) Adoption

Since the 2008 NEC was published, it has been adopted by approximately 28 states. Approximately 12 states are currently enforcing the 2005 NEC, and 10 states have their own electrical code and enforcement the NEC by local jurisdiction. For more information on NEC adoption in your area, check out the online NEC adoption map.

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NEIS True Stories

/The International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) and the NEIS

IAEI recognizes the importance of the National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS)to the inspection community. Some jurisdictions have adopted some of the Standards for use. The IAEI magazine has run ads in the magazine and asked NECA’s Executive Director of Standards and Safety, Michael Johnston, to write an article for the September/October 2009 on the NEIS. You can view the article, Electrical Workmanship Standards- A Benchmark of Quality,here.

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Contractor Safety Model Program To Be Unveiled At EEI Safety Summit

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the association of shareholder-owned electric companies, hosts the Contractor Safety Summit November 5-6 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia. NECA, which participates with EEI in the OSHA Transmission & Distribution Partnership and other electrical industry activities, supports this effort and encourages members — line contractors, in particular — to attend.

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News in On The Job Safety Pre-Qualification: Can You Pass the Test?

by Jerry Rivera, Director of Safety

The latest reports show that general contractors and facility owners are demanding a higher level of safety performance from their subcontractors. The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Solis vs. Summit Contractors Inc., shed some light on the GC’s liability for the subcontractor’s safety performance, holding general contractors somewhat responsible for the safety programs of their subs.

Although this ruling only impacts states within the 8th Circuit Court, it is likely that similar cases in the other courts will have the same ruling.

So the question for electrical contractors is, "are you adding value to your client, or are you being viewed as liability?

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A Sound Business Decision: Turning Off the Power When Working on Energized Circuits

by Jerry Rivera, Director, Safety

“Turning off power, when working on energized circuits, is just not feasible.”

“If we have to shut down power, you will have to explain to the client.”

These common reasons for not turning off the power when working on energized circuits are not relevant excuses. Responses like these fail to address the underlining concerns that truly exist: is turning off the power inconvenient, or should a shut-down have been estimated at the bidding stage?

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ET&D Partnership at NECA 2009 Seattle

The Transmission and Distribution Steering Team met at NECA 2009 Seattle. Some of the actions items that were discussed were how to effectively portray the partnership's success when compared to the industry and the rolling out of the partnerships Best Practices. The steering team agreed to meet on October in Orlando at which point chairs of each task team will report on the status of each Task team’s progress.

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