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Mark W. Earley Receives Richard G. Beirmann Award

The Richard G. Biermann Award was established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to recognize outstanding accomplishments in the development, promotion or advancement of the National Electrical Code.

The award honors outstanding volunteerism on task groups, Code-Making Panels, the Correlating Committee, or promoting the adoption and application of the NEC during the membership adoption year. It is designed to recognize an outstanding volunteer who has demonstrated a commitment in actively contributing to the advancement of the NEC through furthering the development of the NEC and/or promoting the implementation of the code.

The 2019 Richard G. Biermann Award was presented to NFPA Chief Electrical Engineer Mark W. Earley, recognizing his over 30 years of service as secretary of the National Electrical Code. Jim Pauley, President and CEO of NFPA, made the presentation during the Electrical Section Reception and Dinner. Earley announced his retirement effective Aug. 30, 2019. It is truly a fitting award and recognition for an individual who has given this level of dedication and commitment to the development of the NEC for almost half of his life.

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